Some Of The World’s Best Musical Saw Performers

Some Of The World’s Best Musical Saw Performers

Some Of The World’s Best Musical Saw Performers

Ever heard or seen someone play a musical saw?

Not to be confused or anything with hand saws or even the best jigsaw on the market, a musical saw is a kind of hand saw that has the ability to create ethereal sounds.

And if you answered yes to my question, you should already know how wonderful it can be.

Otherwise, it’s time for you to know about some of world’s best musical saw performers and see how wonderful their music is:

Natalia Paruz

This New York-based musical saw player, novelty instrument player, and busker is not just one of the world’s best performers. Best known as the “Saw Lady,” she is also known for her movie and theater contributions such as in Mike Cahill’s 2011 indie film Another Earth (and Chen Shi-Zeng’s 2007 stage play Monkey: Journey to the West (along with British musician and artist, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett).

Moreover, she is the founder and the director of New York City’s annual Musical Saw Festival. She has also previously directed a musical saw festival in Israel, as well as judged during Music Under New York auditions.


Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich is a well-known German musical saw player, as well as an actor and a singer. Her musical skills were first seen when she was learning to play the violin in Weimar. A few years later, it was seen once again when she was learning to play the musical saw in Vienna – all the while shooting the 1927 film, Café Electric.

It’s worth noting that Bavarian actor and musician Igo Sym taught her to play the musical saw. During breaks while filming the above-mentioned film, they perform romantic duets using a piano and using a musical saw, which was given to her by Sym later on.

Hajime Sakita

Hajime Sakita is a well-known Japanese musical saw player, as well as a music composer. Aside from his musical works being highly acclaimed and widely sought in Japan, he is now considered to be one of today’s best musical saw performers – having also won the Sakuya Konohana Award for Popular Entertainment and first place in International Musical Saw Festival twice.

It’s worth noting that Hajime is part of the acoustic duo, Hajime Ni Kiyoshi. Along with melodica player Kiyoshi Shintani, they are best known to play a “feel-good Hanauta ambient music.” The duo continues to play until now – in live concerts and for movie, TV, and commercial soundtracks.

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