Six of the Best Theatres to Visit in London

Six of the Best Theatres to Visit in London

Theatre is one of the top things that pop up on many people’s minds when it comes to the ultimate London experience. A visit to the city would be incomplete without seeing a theatrical performance or, at the very least, a visit to one of its illustrious theatres. Whether you are in a lookout for a musical performance to watch or simply wanting to go on a theatre-themed sightseeing tour, here are some of the best places to visit to get your theatre fix.

Location: Barbican Centre, Silk Street EC2Y 8DS
The Barbican is a huge multi-arts venue including two theatres, a concert hall, and more. The main theatre serves as the base for the Royal Shakespeare Company. It is a performance arts hub that draw crowds of locals and tourists alike who come to see the wide array of shows and special events to see all-year round.

National Theatre
National Theatre
Location: South Bank, SE1 9PX
The National Theatre s home to three theatres: the Olivier, Lyttleton, and the Dorfman. It produces top-notch classics and contemporary plays that attract theatre fans from across the globe. The massive complex also serves as a creative hub and features an extensive list of amenities like a bookshop, restaurants, and more.

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
Location: Regents Park NW1 4NU
Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is an excellent place to enjoy outdoor musical performances. It becomes a vibrant theatre scene every summer as a wide array of musicals and other plays are staged in the midst of beautiful scenery.

Royal Opera House
Royal Opera House
Location: Covent Garden WC2E 9DD
This theatre houses The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera as well as the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. It is accessible and offers guided tours for visitors. A visit to the Royal Opera House is not only a great way to watch performances. It is also a chance to indulge in your passion for theatre by learning more about the facility and the artistic companies that call it home.

Shakespeare’s Globe
Shakespeare's Globe
Location: New Globe Walk, Bankside SE1 9DT
Watching a performance at the Shakespeare’s Globe is like being transported in time. The famous theatre is a reconstruction of the original Elizabethan playhouse associated with Shakespeare and many of his works.

The Old Vic
The Old Vic
Location: The Cut, Waterloo SE1 8NB
The Old Vic, as its name suggests, has a long and rich theatrical tradition. Many of the biggest names in acting once called it home. The theatre’s programme is diverse and varied – from old and classic plays to contemporary and innovative theatrical performances and everything in between.

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Get Refreshed In Theatre District’s Juice Bars

Get Refreshed In Theatre District’s Juice Bars


The summer heat may be on, but your love for theatre performances remains.

That being said, why don’t you get refreshed in Theatre District’s juice bars?

Here are some of them:

Juice Generation

Today’s generation of juice drinks are made even healthier at Juice Generation.

Located between 85th and 86th Street in Broadway, New York, Juice Generation is best known for its fresh juices, refreshing smoothies, cold-pressed drinks, acai bowls, and more. They also offer menu selections like Vegan 4 Lunch, which consists of both vegetable and fruit-based dishes; and Juice Farmacy, which consists of both natural and herb-based drinks.

Juice Generation was founded with Eric Helms and actress Salma Hayek’s devotion for juice drinks, especially the fresh ones. It was also founded with other people’s health and fitness in mind, for them to experience firsthand the great benefits of juice drinks. Moreover, their juice drinks are made of locally and organically grown ingredients and parts of their sale are donated to causes like Harlem Grown.

Fresh From Hell

Hell has never been this cool and refreshing at Fresh From Hell.

Located between 8th and 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, Fresh From Hell is best known for its juices, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, soups, and more. They also offer special menu items creamy coconut oatmeal with fresh fruit, toasted sprouted bagels with cashew cream cheese, and Greek yogurt with seasonal fruit – freshly prepared, right in front of you.

Fresh From Hell was founded with Gabriel F.’s vision for other people to be healthy and fit as early as possible. It was also founded with the best quality of food and drinks in minds, all of which are freshly prepared and made from premium ingredients. Moreover, they offer both delivery and catering services and exclusive merchandise items like burlap totes and baseball hats.

Be healthy and fit as early as possible! You can try using juicers like those seen in and make your own fresh juices and refreshing smoothies at home.

The summer heat may be on, but your love for theatre performances remains – growing even more – as you get refreshed in Theatre District’s juice bars.

How about you? Have you tried eating or drinking in these places? How did it go? What’s your favorite dish or drink and why? Do you know any other juice bars located within or near Theatre District in Manhattan, New York? Share them with us on the comments section below!

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Creativity and the Power of Changed Perspectives


That thing about thinking outside the box may seem like a tired cliché. But what it stands for never gets old. It is a good reminder of the importance of finding new ways to see and explore things in many different ways. While the idea may seem easy to grasp, doing it can be a challenge at times. You have to tap into your creativity to practice out of the box thinking. Here are some ideas on how to view and ponder about things outside the proverbial box.

1. Conscious switch or change of perspective. Changing your perspectives, literally and figuratively, allow you to see the different angles of a problem. See the flipside of whatever idea or work you are focusing on. Approach a problem from a different angle and imagine how you would solve it based on your changed perspective.

2. Don’t discard the unfamiliar. Learn things unrelated to your job or expertise. Read a wide array of books and materials on topics that are unfamiliar to you. This can help spark associations, connections, ideas, and inspirations that may prove useful when you need to find ways to think outside the box.

3. Disrupt your routines. Enroll in a class, learn a language, read about a different culture, and more. Engaging in something new presents you with new information. This broadens your knowledge and understanding of things around you.

4. Let your ideas flow – Avoid editing ideas as they come. Let ideas flow freely and capture as many as you can by writing them down. Take note of as many ideas as you can and edit them later. Allowing your internal editor free reign all the time can filter potentially innovative ideas that may come randomly in your mind.

5. Be open to sparks of inspiration. Search for inspirations from random things that may be related or unrelated to your current problem. Be open to ideas that random events or things can trigger. Opening your mind to possibilities enable you to catch even the most random thought or idea that can help you create innovative solutions to your problems.

6. Get excited about the possibilities. Leave the self-doubts and thoughts of impossibilities behind. If you want to think outside the box, focus on the possibilities. Thinking that something is impossible or cannot be done significantly limits your ability to discover novel solutions to problems.

Creating the mindset of looking at things and thinking differently promotes out of the box thinking. But sometimes it also means building on old or tried and tested ideas that work.

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